Just want to say a big thank you Alison. journohub helped me place a tricky story about a woman who was bullied on social media. It got a great show on Mail Online and my contact is thrilled!


Within weeks of joining journohub I had sold three stories, secured holiday cover at a woman's magazine and began contributing case studies to a regular fortnightly column. journohub is a quick, efficient and effective way to have your story pitches seen by lots of different editors - some of whom you may not otherwise have approached. And you can keep up to date with exciting new opportunities. Highly recommended!

Louisa Gregson
Freelance journalist

Thanks to the journohub message board I just landed some nice shifts that I probably wouldn't have even known about otherwise.

Ruth Huntman
Freelance journalist

journohub is a fantastic resource that consistently produces real results. Quite simply, it's an effective way of directly reaching out to hundreds of journalists in one go. Brilliant.

Mark Spence

In less than a month I’ve sold four stories, one to a magazine I’d never even considered pitching to. Freelancing just got that little bit easier.

Kate Graham
Freelance journalist

journohub has a really clear layout and is super easy to use. There're great search facilities and a fantastic choice of stories pitched by freelancers from all over the world.

Charlottle Potter
Fate and Fortune Magazine

It's great to get regular pitches from and it's helping me build my freelance contacts. It's really useful when we're looking for case studies too. Putting a case study request out reaches lots of freelancers at once.

Mel Fallowfield
Closer magazine

I put my first pitch on journohub and was instantly contacted by a magazine. It's a great way to reach many editors at once, find the correct person on a publication to pitch to and place stories in markets I wouldn't normally consider.

Rachel Spencer
Freelance journalist

Pitching to one central place saves me so much time, increases interest in features and therefore pushes up fees. journohub is genius!

Julie McCaffrey
Freelance journalist

The joy of journohub is it enables me to easily pitch top UK publications, even when I'm in the States. It's simple to use and the fact that it reaches so many editors means it works as an instant contacts' book. Best of all there's no more waiting for editors to email back – if they're interested in a pitch, you know immediately.

Lisa Marks
Freelance journalist

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