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journohub is just as it suggests: a unique online hub instantly connecting hundreds of freelance journalists with commissioning editors, staff journalists and researchers on newspapers, monthly and weekly magazines, specialist publications, industry journals, TV and radio both in the UK and abroad.

journohub allows journalists to pitch to many appropriate editors at the same time at the touch of a button - no more wondering which publication to send your story idea to or searching for the name and contact details of the best person to receive it. And no more waiting for an editor to get back to you only to get a no, take your pitch elsewhere and find you’ve missed the news peg on which it would have hung. Hugely frustrating! Through the site – the ‘hub’ – you’ll hook up with new commissioning editors (worldwide) you haven’t worked with before or even considered sending ideas to. And if two or more publications are interested in your pitch you’ll have leverage to drive up fees. Never a bad thing.

You can also opt to receive messages from commissioning editors/staff journalists/researchers looking for a particular case study or story direct to your inbox generating even more work. And you can bounce ideas off/ask for help with a case study or expert/seek advice from fellow freelancers on the hub's message board. There you will also find details of jobs (and be able to put yourself forward for shifts), training and media events.

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So how does journohub work?

First create your profile

Your profile tells journohub and commissioning editors:
  • Who you are and how you can be contacted
  • Where you’re based (handy for commissioning editors looking for someone to do a door knock)
  • Your areas of expertise
  • The publications you’ve written for and your experience
  • How you can be contacted via social media
  • What work you have for resale

It goes without saying the more detail you put into your profile, the better. And upload plenty of PDFs of and links to your published work. Past articles are redundant sitting in the documents’ file of your computer but featured in the hub could earn you money for little or no extra work!

Please note: If you are a freelance who sometimes does shifts in-house as a commissioning editor, staff journalist or researcher and you can have two separate journohub accounts signing up twice as both an editor (via the email given to you where you are working) AND a journalist (via your freelance email address). However journohub politely reminds you that there is an element of trust and goodwill on this site. We will not tolerate anyone who abuses the additional information this may mean you are privy to. Anyone flouting journohub’s terms and conditions will have their membership immediately terminated. Please delete your editor account when you finish shifting.

Pitching to commissioning editors

Simply fill in the pitching form on the site using the guidelines that pop up as you go. Consider carefully the subject area/s the story falls into because ONLY commissioning editors who have opted to receive pitches about the areas you tick will receive your pitch.

Once you press send the pitch will be distributed via email to the inbox of all the appropriate editors signed to journohub. They click on a link that takes them to your profile where they will be able to access your contact details to get in touch with you about a commission. Any transactions are between you and the commissioning editor – not journohub.

Any pitches you send out automatically appear on a ticker bar on the editors’ homepage. The bar, which auto updates every time a journalist pitches, can be seen by ALL editors signed to journohub not just the ones your email went to. Your pitch also appears in your profile meaning an editor can revisit it. It is up to you to update a status to say whether a story is still available first rights, reserved, sold or now available second rights. You can also edit past pitches in your profile and remove them all together if you wish.

Don’t forget to indicate whether you would like journohub to tweet a teaser to your pitch meaning even more editors see it. The link will lead them back to your online profile giving them full details of the pitch plus the chance to look at other stories you have available.

Reselling your work

Your online 'hub' portfolio of previously published work really is your chance to make extra money for nothing. Providing you own the rights to it, upload PDFs, JPEGs or links to anything and everything you've written to create a gallery from which editors have the option to buy second rights.

And commissioning editors will not only browse portfolios to find copy to fill blank pages, they can also do a keyword search. Say, for instance, Beyoncé announces she's expecting quads (poor Beyoncé!) they can immediately tap 'quads' into a search bar and any stories in journalists' galleries containing that word will pop up. Yours too if you've written a piece on quads. They can then contact you to buy the piece as a whole, a case study within it or offer you a tip fee for a case study’s contact details.

Freelancers can also search one another's portfolios so if you come across an article containing a case study you might wish to use you can contact the journalist via the directory and offer them a tip fee for it. Of course they can do the same to you.

Finally if you regularly tweet links to articles as they’re published be sure to add @journohub to your tweet so we can retweet it across the industry.

Hear what editors are working on

journohub is a two-way tool so you also have the chance to hear what commissioning editors, staff journalists/researchers on newspapers, magazines, TV and radio are looking for/working on. You can opt to receive messages from them straight to your email inbox asking for anything from a particular case study or expert to a journalist to write a comment piece on a current topic. Just another way journohub helps you generate more work.

And don't forget, you are also able to talk to fellow freelancers on the hub's message board. You can ask for help with case studies or experts or for advice on a particular situation or story you're working on. The board also lists the latest job and training opportunities and media events. You can even tell editors if you are available for shifts.

So that’s it! That’s journohub!
Connect, exchange, converse, network, build. In the hub.

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