Commissioning editors, staff journalists and researchers

journohub is just as it suggests: a unique online hub instantly connecting hundreds of freelance journalists with commissioning editors and staff journalists/researchers from newspapers, monthly and weekly magazines, specialist publications, industry journals, TV and radio.

You'll never miss a brilliant story again because through journohub journalists' pitches are sent to all the right editors' inboxes at the same time. What's more you can instantly ask hundreds of freelancers for information you need for articles you're working on.

But it's not just about two-way emails. Spending time on the site - 'in the hub' – will help you generate ideas ahead of conference; fill empty pages with great second rights copy; gather case histories for a story you're doing via the case history search facility and network with journalists you haven't worked with before. You'll also get details of job opportunities, be able to tell other journalists about available positions where you work and hear about the latest media events and training. And it's free!

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So how does journohub work?

First create your profile

Your profile tells journohub:
  • Who you are, where you work and your role
  • What kind of pitches you would like to receive from journalists*
  • How you can be reached

The more precise you are when you fill in your profile, the more likely you are to receive great pitches you can turn into fantastic articles. Make sure you spend a bit of time thinking about the subject areas you want to receive pitches on and how often you want to receive them – simply checking every category and asking for all pitches instantly could result in your inbox overflowing. Instead ensure you say yes to only the areas you commission.

Adding things like your LinkedIn and Facebook details will help you network even more effectively with journalists you'll get to know through the hub. And, most importantly, if you have a twitter account add that too also making sure you follow @journohub. Journalists can chose to allow journohub to tweet teasers to stories they're pitching. By following journohub you'll be able to see everything that's happening, even pitches outside your commissioning area.

Finally keep your profile up to date. If your role within the organisation in which you work or your contact details change, amend your profile accordingly. And journohub moves with you. If you change job simply update your profile with your new employer and contact details and make the appropriate changes to the types of pitch you want to receive.

*Those who don't directly commission can opt out of receiving pitches altogether if they wish and just make use of the site's other great facilities. We'll tell you how later.

Receive pitches from journalists

journohub has worked hard to ensure pitches you receive give you all the information you need to make a decision first time. You can even print the pitch form off and take it into conference as an aide memoire if you wish.

This is what happens. Journalists fill in a pitching form that they access via the hub. They tick the subject areas the story they're pitching best falls into. If you have signed up to receive pitches within one of those subject areas it will come to your email inbox.

Each pitch will include:
  • A sample headline and sell/teaser
  • Plenty of story detail
  • An 'additional detail' section where the journalist can tell you things like a case history's age and location, what they are an aren't happy to share, any legal restrictions and so on
  • An idea of whether pictures are available or a journalist can upload some pictures for you to look at. These appear at the bottom of the form.
  • A click through button that will take you to the journalist's profile on the journohub website where you will find his/her contact details

Because you'll receive the pitch at the same time as many other commissioning editors, journohub's advice is to move as swiftly as possible in making a decision on it. Where possible it's helpful if you let the journalist know either way if you're interested or not.

To speak to the journalist simply click on the link in the email and it will take you to that particular journalist's profile page where you will find all their contact details. All transactions regarding the commission from then on are between you and the journalist in question – not journohub.

How you can ask journalists for something you need

Just as journalists can pitch to you, you in your role as a commissioning editor, staff journalist or researcher, can ask them for anything you need to complete articles/projects you're working on – case histories, suitable experts, someone to write a first person/comment piece or appear on television/radio discussing a subject in the news for example.

Simply fill in the request to journalists form found in your my hub section. Make sure you include things like fees available to the case history/journalist, whether the person you're looking for will need to be identified and/or pictured and so on. When you press send this will go out to the inbox of all those freelance journalists on the site that have opted to receive emails from editors. They will then contact you directly if they can help.

Buying second (or more) rights copy, finding case histories, moving and shaking

All freelance journalists who register with journohub will be encouraged to create an online portfolio of published work in their personal profile. You have access to and can peruse any journalist's gallery by logging onto the site.

If you come across an article you are interested in buying second rights simply contact the journalist directly. However, if you are looking for a very particular story or case history to fill a gap or to link to a current news story you can also do a keyword search. For example, if Beyonce suddenly reveals she is expecting quads (poor Beyoncé!) you could type 'quads' into the search bar and it will bring up any article that mentions 'quads'. You then approach the journalist to buy a story outright or pay them a tip fee for contact details for the case history involved.

Finally do make use of the hub's message board where you will find the latest jobs, training and media events. You can also add and share any job opportunities at your own workplace. The board is seen by the hundreds of staff journalists and freelancers who use journohub.

So that's it! That's journohub!
Connect, exchange, converse, network, build. In the hub.

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