About us

journohub was set up by Alison and James Palmer.

The couple – both in their forties (let’s not be too specific) – live just outside Cambridge with their two children, Emily, 17 and Max, 16. They have a loopy year-old Labrador called Mr Paul Weller. The whole family enjoy holidays, parties, obscure comedy and are music/gig nuts (their musical taste can be somewhat defined by current and past pets – Floyd the Labrador, Hendrix the cat and Led and Zep the fish). They are planning on a Morrissey and possibly a Bobby Gillespie at some point in the future.

Alison Palmer

Alison Palmer

Alison is a journalist with nearly 20 years’ experience in the media working both on staff and freelance. She has worked on local and national newspapers and for weekly and monthly magazines.

Over the years she’s written features, news, reports, comment and columns for the likes the Daily Mirror, Express, Mail, Telegraph and Sun and for magazines including Stella, Grazia, Now, Woman, Mother & Baby, Prima, Essentials, Good Housekeeping, Closer, Real People, Bella and Red. She’s covered everything from murder to the latest must-have mascara! In addition Alison has completed some specialist writing projects for industry publications; been employed as a media relations manager for a pharmaceutical and biotechnology PR company and done some freelance PR work, copywriting and website content writing.

Alison loves expensive shoes, cookery programmes, boxing, cheese and wine - not necessarily in that order. Wine always first. She can be found tweeting personally at @journo_ali.

James Palmer

James  Palmer

James has set up and managed three long-standing businesses, the last of which he sold in Spring 2014. He is currently property developing. In his ‘spare’ time he is a district and county councillor.

James is a fan of pork pie, Game Of Thrones and all sports (apart from bowls) but especially cricket and football. He is a season ticket holder at White Hart Lane. Don’t hold that against him.

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